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What is a Niche Blog

Sunday, August 16, 2009 |

A niche blog is blog that deals with one define subject in the internet. As an example there are niche about sports, so you could make a blog that will teach or inform you reader about sports.Or I can say that it is a blog with a define interest.
Niche blogs easily attracts attention since if they love your blog they will bookmark your site and they will surely come for more information.
A niche blog easily get incoming links which is needed for a great Natural Search Engine Optimization. ( SEO ), OK I will discuss SEO in my future post.
It is also easy to show authority in niche blog if you are a beginner in the worlds of internet.
A niche generally answer HOW ? When ? and Where ?. But this is just my observation. In order for you to have a successful niche blog you should be able to know what you are writing and not just pretending that you know everything. I usually say I don't know if I really don't know the subject..


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Niche blogs are dedicated to provide information on a certain topic. And true, niche blogs mostly answers FAQs like how, when and where... If one plans to make his own niche blog, it is important for him/her to have a good knowledge of the topic and that the topic he/she's covering is one that interests him/her.

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