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How to Properly Maintain Blog

Monday, August 17, 2009 |

When I think of doing the Make Money Online and SEO Blog, it is my objective to be an instructor to Newbies in the Blogging World, so if you are a newbie, learning how to maintain your blog is really important.

I would suggest making a niche blog is the best starting point in maintaining blog. So after I taught you on how to make your own blog, maintaining your blog is another thing. For me I could say that the best post schedule is one post a day.Of course it should not be a 50 words post, Search engine are word Hungry Machine so the lengthy the better for search Engine but it might not be better for the readers. So be sure if you post a lengthy one it is worth reading it.

I suggest choosing a niche blog [ Blog Topic ] that you really want. Because Time will come that will be board because you are only earning $ 0.05 a day But if you love and you are compassionate in what you are doing, for sure you will not be bored.

What I am saying is at first you should not blog for money but blog for passion, Money will just flow after your good work and collaboration with other blogger. You can also maintain your blog if you will be able to collaborate with other bloggers and Social Media Partners. If you have lots of friends you could ask them to post for you.

So it all defends on how you could supply content to your blog.

It is also like human if you not feed them it will soon die. So better do a blog where you have lot’s of idea about it.

If you love showbiz make a showbiz blog and if you like Technology, make a technology blog, so it is about your passion. You cannot make money online in just over night you have to work for it.


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